GSDCO member wins the 2010 Columbia Cup

Patty Bensene and her GSD Fairway’s Tory V Nadelwald PT RN NJP NFP AXJ AX MXF took on all comers in the well respected highlight of the Northwest Agility year. The cup is a combined score competition that require not just a good run, but many highly competitive runs against some of the very best. Patty and Tory had 10 perfect and fast runs proving again that a good GSD can take on the rest of the highly competitive Agility world and come out on top.

Tory ran all 4 of her standard runs perfectly with tons of speed and accuracy. Her average. yards per second was 5.82, making her the fasted dog there. "Out of 12 runs She had 10 perfect 1st place runs and the 2 non-qualifying runs mom screwed up" Patty reported.

We know the hours of dedication, the time and effort it takes to develop this kind of team work and trust. And it is a joy to watch.

What makes this win even sweeter is the fact that Patty is Tory's co-breeder, owner, trainer and handler. Tory is Patty's 4th Performance Award of Merit winner, following her dam the now retired Fairway's Teva v Nadelwald, and DeBrut's Sahali.

There is no doubt that Patty will find a perfect spot on the mantle for that beautiful blue crytal cup and win photo. Tory won't care as she will be resting up for her next big advanture.

Patty is a long-time GSDCO member, our treasurer, trial chair, and general hard worker. When not working for the club, you can find her teaching agility classes, practicing, teaching responsible dog ownership skills, practicing, hiking or herding with her dogs and husband Rick, or just being a cheerleader for anyone needing encouragement with their dog. Patty is the owner of Family Friends Dog School.